Beyond Sports Network is a premier online tool for coaches and scouts to utilize for scouting and evaluating talent across the nation. We are an online sports network offering technology and information to athletes, coaches, teams and leagues in a safe and secure environment where all members are held accountable for their profile information providing benefits such as saving time and money. Beyond Sports Network helps individual athletes and coaches by providing a platform for them to advance their career through the ever growing median of social networking.  The network is simple to use, a comprehensive search engine allows for finding specific requirements fast, and the network is constantly upgraded and maintained by sports experienced staff.

Beyond Sports Network has accomplished monumental tasks that have never been seen before in sports networking. In November of 2007, Beyond Sports Network became the online network to partner with a pro league when it signed an agreement with the arenafootball2 League (af2). Beyond Sports Network built a sports network for its players, coaches, and league officials to use to help advance players’ careers as well as have coaches find players for their teams. We have seen hundreds of athletes utilize our platform to get to the next level of their careers and we continue to build a better system every year!

We have acquired various media and sports related partners over the last year and half.   Beyond Sports Network has partnered with Football Reporters Online, Next Level Football, D3football.com, D3baskeball.com, D3Sports.com, and ArenaFan.com. These sites and companies are some of the leading media/sports providers for their sports Demographic.