B.F. Environmental Consultants based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Poconos region has been providing professional geological soils hydrogeological environmental consulting services since 1985. The company specializes in the following areas: hydrogeological and wastewater evaluations for siting land-based wastewater disposal systems; soils consulting (soil scientists), environmental monitoring, overseeing the siting, exploration, and development of community/ commercial water supply sources; and other environmental services.

Because of Mr. Oram background in Environmental Pollution Control and research on removal mechanisms for the parasitic protozoan Giardia, B.F. Environmental Consultants has been involved with the evaluation of surface and groundwater supplies for the purpose of determining if Giardia is present or if the groundwater source was directly under the influence of a surface water body. The company has also provided expert testimony in the fields of environmental science, hydrology, on-lot wastewater disposal, and geology.

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