Crowdfunding, or crowd-sourced fundraising, exploded in 2013 and continues to grow in popularity in 2014. Start-up financing has evolved from approaching investors to generating a supportive and generous community of peers. Embracing this method of raising funds as part of your business growth strategy can catapult you to the success you've been striving for, but don't think of creating a crowdfunding campaign without social media support. Having a social presence is integral to gaining the support you need for your crowdfunding campaign.

Social media is popular because people want to feel closer to the brands they use. Understanding this, as a business owner, you should view social media as a way of doing business rather than just a way to mingle. Growing your online communities to spread brand awareness, connect with consumers and other entrepreneurs, share ideas and information as well as engage in meaningful conversation helps to build trust and credibility.

Establishing a positive online reputation makes crowdfunders more inclined to spread their investments. People don't want to want to help businesses. They want to help people. This is where social media comes in.  Like social media, crowdfunding is all about community. Without a solid group of supportive people, your campaign to raise funds will prove to be difficult.   We are please to announce the beta launch of our own Pre-Crowdfunding Services, which include above all else our ability to consult with you social media team or be your team in connecting your brand with it's desired community before you decide to crowdfund.  We strongly suggest a minimum of 6 months or 2 quarters to actively start building your community before you decide to fund a campaign.  Securing 30% of your intended crowdfunded amount before the campaign will secure momentum of the campaign as well as your likelihood to successfully execute a crowdfunding campaign.

Our consulting package starts at $5,000/quarter for reward, donation, equity or lending crowdfunding campaigns.

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