Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd is a market leader in edible oils, fats, soaps, margarine and detergents in East and Central Africa with units in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with its products marketed in 16 African countries.

The group’s manufacturing hubs in strategic locations as well as well-defined distribution chains in Africa constantly support new market developments helping the organization carve out newer markets with every growing day.

Some of the world class Brands from the group include the Superbrands Kimbo & Elianto as well as other leading brands like Golden Fry, SunGold, Olive Gold Blend, Soya Gold, Bahari Fry, Chipsy Plus 3, Cowboy, Chipo and Mallo. Bidco’s margarines including: Biddy’s and Goldband are also very popular in Africa alongside baking powder: Mariandazi. Laundry Soap Brands include: the Star Range of soaps , Kuku, Tiger, Msafi, Mshindi, Bull, NURU multipurpose soap, Bidco cream, Powerboy Pro-Activ liquid detergent, Powerboy Powder soap, Gental Washing Powder, Nuru Scouring Powder. Beauty soaps include: Pure & Natural Active Man and Pure & Natural Woman.