Biddle Records an independent label, best known for it unique style and promotions is part of the Biddle Group, a Nevada, LLC.  Biddle Records was founded to bridge the gap between band and label as well as label and fans. Biddle Records is a musician managed group based out of Nevada. The label, being founded by musicians wants to insure that in today's industry the basic foundation of music and its creation is never lost to larger corporate influence.  Biddle Records Studio is primarily focused on music production, and is dedicated to bands signed under it's label, of the same name.   Biddle Records does offers 3rd party recording, mastering, mixing, studio musicians, and coaching as time permits to non-contracted bands.  Please contact chirs@biddlerecords.com for more information.  The Studio is key in the performance of Biddle Records, and has been in the Detroit area, for many years, only being acquired by the Biddle Group in 2010.