BidEnvelope.com is the hottest new kind of internet auction website. Our prices start low, and then you make them lower.  We are proud to offer discounted LCD and Plasma Televisions, GPS Systems, Gift Cards, Vacations, Video Games and Systems, and Laptops.

Prices on Auction Items always start below retail. All you do is open the Envelope to see the Current BidEnvelope Price, and then decide if that price is low enough for you. (Did we mention that shipping is always included in the Current BidEnvelope Price?) You only have 15 seconds after you open the Envelope to decide to steal the deal, but if you decide the price is not low enough don't do anything -- every time the Auction Envelope is opened and the Auction Item is not purchased the Current BidEnvelope Price lowers by a set amount. The more bidders opening an Envelope the lower the price drops. It takes courage to wait for a really low price, but don't wait too long or someone else may steal your deal!