Bidfella Ltd is the fast growing online penny auctions company, founded in 2009. The company was born from the idea of offering customers amazing savings whilst having fun at the same time.

Bidfella is offering a new exciting concept in online entertainment shopping where bid costs between 50p and £1.00. Each bid raises the auction price by 1 penny. The last player to bid when the clock reaches zero wins the item, as long as no other person has placed a bid. Penny auctions are incredibly entertaining. A combination of luck and  strategy is involved in trying to obtain the item, and to outsmart the other bidders same time.

Bidfella.com endeavours to offer a superior range of attractive items from leading providers. Users can bid on first class holidays, laptop computers, flat-screen TVs, digital cameras, game consoles, iPods, mobile phones, gift cards, travel vouchers etc. Most of the items are sold at 90-99% discounts on RRP.

David Miles and Stephen Long , the founders of Bidfella.com, both have vast commercial experience in their respective core businesses. They share a love of greyhound racing and have invested in total over £1 million into the sport and actively participated in improving the welfare of greyhounds.

Bidfella is a sponsor of Chernobyl Childrens Life Line, and are also planning to sponsor at least two meetings this year on Sky Sports in which they will also actively raise funds for their chosen charity.