BidInfinity uses a new online auction method that brings back the excitement and interest of traditional auctions with the added reach and convenience of the Internet.

Powered by the innovative Infinity Auctions method, BidInfinity is ideal for the sale of rare, valuable and interesting items. On BidInfinity there are three stages to an auction. Firstly, items are listed for preview and, at a time and date set by the seller, the auction starts. Then, during the opening period, initial bids are placed. At the final stage of the auction, the sale moves into ‘Hammer Time’. The countdown timer begins; every time a new bid comes in, this resets. When no more bids come in, the countdown timer runs out. The hammer goes down – going, going, GONE! Interested bidders always have a chance to raise their bid. Sellers get the best possible price. Objects find their true worth.

Unlike expensive, traditional auction houses, there are no buyer’s premiums, hidden costs and taxes.  The sales commissions charged to the seller are a modest 7%, the one-off listing fee a mere 1% of the auction start price. Should the sale be unsuccessful, sellers can re-list their item at no extra cost as many times as they like.

Browse our site at www.bidinfinity.com to see what is selling now or sign up as a member to start buying and selling straight away.