Bid Penny Deal is a leading penny auction site, serving Canada and the USA from its offices in Varennes, QC. Focusing on keeping its site fun, fair and transparent, the company intends for its example to drive new standards of integrity in the penny auction arena.

Founded by four friends that were disappointed with the underhanded methods they often found on other sites, Bid Penny Deal was a year-long design and test effort. The company relied heavily on penny action users for their valuable input in identifying desired features and performed exhaustive testing to ensure an abuse-free environment.

The Bid Penny Deal team has achieved what users told them was needed and more. With the team’s mission of ensuring  a fun, fair and transparent bidding community, supported by exemplary customer service, the company quickly rose to become a leader.

Specializing in high quality, name-brand consumer electronics, BPD only auctions items already in its possession, which usually allows them to ship within 24 hours of the end of an auction.

The owners’ intention of putting the users first has paid off, as Bid Penny Deal rapidly built a reputation as a site where everyone gets a fair deal, before, during and after the auction.

More information on the company can be seen at http://www.bidpennydeal.com/blog