BidWilly is a competition marketplace where businesses and people compete to do the things you need done.

Our Philosophy
...to disrupt how business is won in America

We believe... When businesses compete to win new customers everyone should have an equal opportunity at winning. Today this is not the case. In most instances, the business that wins is the one that has the most successful marketing and advertising strategy. Whether it be through social media marketing or traditional advertising, this is the key to winning new business today.

A New Model for Winning Business
Our goal is to completely disrupt how business is won in America. We believe that winning business in America should be based on two key factors:

   Outstanding Service
   Great Price

Here is our new model that helps achieve this goal:

Competing for a customer's business is now transparent across competing businesses. Businesses can see what other businesses have bidded in order to drive a competition marketplace.
We allow the community to leave feedback on businesses to instill trust. These are real reviews by real people. We leverage the Facebook platform for this. Customers shouldn't need to pay to see reputable reviews as we have noticed with some rating sites available today.
We allow customers to indicate who is winning and why during the bidding process. This will allow competing bidders to make the necessary adjustments to win. Again, this is all transparent and bidders may modify their bids as often as they like before the expired time.

We never charge businesses to be listed or bid on jobs. Doing so would cut the small business out of the bidding process.

We understand that this will take some getting used to. But it's the right thing to do. This helps ensure that competition is fair for everyone.