As the controller, office manager and bookkeeper for various businesses in Metro Detroit, I used my experience to help small business owners set up and customize their bookkeeping systems. I also volunteered with the Small Business Development Centers in Michigan. Later, I opened and ran a bookkeeping service and really honed my skills. I took my knowledge of bookkeeping and mixed it with my penchant for short cuts and the need for high efficiency and came out with a paper bookkeeping system many years ago that was like a paint-by-number set for businesses to determine profits each month.

Ten years ago,  I developed the software version of my bookkeeping system and have honed it over the years to be a super-easy set of customizable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets anyone can use for small business, non profit and personal finances. I now have customers using the Big E-Z Bookkeeping System from all over the world and the paper systems are still in use for those customers and those accountants who swear by them.