Do you wish you could have sautéed onions any time but without the cutting, the crying or the cooking? Big Lou’s Onion Sauce is a family tradition started by Louis Conca and his passion for food and family.

In honor of his memory, my father and I decided to bring our families onion sauce to your family. My grandfather, known as Big Lou, would spend hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking large batches of his onion sauce for family and friends.

It features thick cut organic onions cooked until tender with our secret blend of herbs, spices and tomato sauce and is available in 3 varieties, sweet, spicy and garlic to pair with all of your favorite foods.

Traditionally onion sauce is best known for topping the classic New York style hot dog which is how my grandfather discovered it in the Bronx many years ago. The best part of our journey has been the ways our customers use the product. From steaks to hamburgers, pizzas and chicken wings our onions deliver on big bold flavor. It’s actually 100% vegan as well.

Our spicy onion sauce has enough heat to give you the right amount of kick without losing the flavor of your food. The sweet onion sauce is for anyone that prefers to avoid the heat all together and our garlic onion sauce is our newest addition to the family that has done better than we could have ever imagined.

We started our journey in August of 2018, out of the Kitchen Co-op in Amityville Long Island. From there we sold our onion sauce at farmers markets, festivals and a handful of retail locations on Long Island such as Zorn’s of Bethpage, The NY Marketplace and Sherry’s Market in Babylon Village.

Everyone seemed to love our original packaging but we needed to make some changes that would take our business to the next level.  In 2019, we invested in new packaging, received our USDA organic certification and partnered with a co-packer to help us ramp up production to be able to work with larger retailers and the growing demand for our product.

It’s always grilling season somewhere and we are the only organic onion sauce on the market with a clean label which makes our product a great alternative for people that don’t want to eat highly processed foods from companies such as Sabrett or Nathan’s.

If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from our customers and want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. From our family to yours, we thank you for taking the time to learn about our story.