Big Navajo Energy, LLC is a 100% Navajo owned and operated company focused on the development and deployment of efficient power generation technology.  

BNE, through its close relationship with Millennial Research Corporation (MRC), offers EPA certifiable clean natural gas generators sized 15kW to systems over 250kW. MRC holds the patent for and manufactures the world’s first modular high efficiency electric generators. MRC industrial generators make less heat, more clean power and are field serviceable. These systems are designed for 24/7 – 365 days a year use and are therefore highly dependable as a primary or secondary source of electricity.

BNE recognizes the remarkable and unique position that NG powered MRC generators offers to the market place. Natural Gas prices are low with an over-supply that is projected to last for many decades to come.  These low prices open up doors for scalable distributed power systems that run quite and dependably strong 24/7.

Great amounts of natural gas are openly vented into the atmosphere because of the low market cost. To capitalize on this opportunity, BNE will develop an NG power generation farm on Navajo lands with MRC’s scalable platforms. Management will achieve this goal through the pre-sales of PPA’s, the pursuit of grants, partnerships and teaming agreements.  The low cost electricity generated by these maintenance friendly systems will be sold by PPA to cities and interested corporations at competitive yet profitable rates.  Mr. Peters is solely involved in all negotiations in regards to final sales contracts and operations of Big Navajo Energy.