Free-range producers are required to "demonstrate that the livestock has been allowed access to the outside" during raising. However, free-range regulations do not specify a given amount of daily time during which the livestock must be "allowed access" to the outdoors, or the size of the outdoor space they may roam. This makes the term "free-range" quite ambiguous without a more substantive description of the conditions in which the livestock was raised.

Organic animal products must be allowed "access to pasture" during raising. This requirement includes "access to the outside, direct sunlight, fresh air and freedom of movement."

The requirement for organic foods is to avoid synthetic chemicals and to eliminate the use of fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics in production. Foods that are "100 percent organic" must meet government standards absolutely, while products with at least 70 percent organic content may assert on their label that they are "made with organic ingredients."

In regulatory language, all organic animals are raised under standard free-range conditions. However, free-range animals do not qualify as an organic food product.

At Big Roast, our pork is reared outside with individual shelter and bedding given to each litter. They are raised on a free range vegetable and cereal stock feed and are given the natural freedom to roam.

Our meat is of the highest quality and we offer a range of roasting events such as hog roast, lamb roast, spit roasts and BBQ roasts. We have a variety of standard and gourmet salads, vegetarian options, canapes and desserts, from 20-1000 people at an event. Our hog roasts are ideally suited to outdoor events and the weatherproof nature of our machines means that even in inclement weather, we can still cook outside – even if the meat has to be served indoors.

When you hire Big Roast, you can leave the hard work to us – we’ll cook, serve and then clean up whilst you enjoy your event!

If you have any queries about booking a hog roast for your next event, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 500 5450 or check out our website at www.bigroast.com