Big Vision Media Group, LLC (a Certified B Corp) is a relationship design company using strategy and the most relevant tools for creating meaningful connections to your customers. We work with businesses that are committed to social and environmental impacts as well as profitability. We support and challenge our clients in their endeavor to create a better world using the new business model that values the three Ps: people, planet and profit. We use innovative and relevant marketing strategies to advance our clients and position them as leaders in sustainability as well as their respective industries.

The mission of Big Vision Media Group  is to provide outstanding brand development, marketing strategy and communications for socially and environmentally responsible businesses and organizations. Our clients will enjoy long term sustainability and revenue growth while considering the impact of their products and/or services on society and the environment.

In order to create a better society, we agree to uphold the following values in our daily work, with the goal of inspiring others to do the same. These values will also be upheld in any and all decisions by leadership, management, employees and contractors.

Respect for the earth: We respect the Earth and the environment in which we live and which our actions impact. Such impact should be considered in regards to local and long term effects.

Community:  We create value for our community through good citizenship, local support and volunteerism. We use our capabilities in a way that connects and contributes to the welfare of the community around us.  

Personal and corporate responsibility: Each of us has responsibility to take care of ourselves and contribute to a thriving community.

Diversity: We believe diversity is important in a peaceful society, helping us to be more understanding and accepting of others different from ourselves. Diversity broadens our perspective and helps us to make better decisions that benefit all.

Transparency: Transparency helps us to understand the true impact of a business on society--how it applies ethics in finances, where it sources its resources, how it impacts the community and environment, and how it respects its employees.

Accountability: We hold each other accountable as an essential element of being a responsible business with a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Leadership: As business leaders with influence in our community and beyond, we point the path forward to a better world.