Bike and Arrows makes attractive and stylish shirts, tanks, hoodies, bags, backpacks, etc., all of which boast increased visibility and 360˚ Reflectivity.  The comfortable and affordable fashions are created by cyclist for the solution of the number one problem cyclists face - how to be highly visible but remain stylish.

Founded in 2014 by Johnny Davis, Allison Black and Mike Destefano, Bike & Arrows was conceived as a purveyor of increased visibility clothing for cycle commuters and other avid cyclists.  All the founders are themselves cycle commuters and have been for many years, so they understand the importance of being seen while on a bike.  They have also been very involved in fashion and style.  Over the past few decades, the partners at Bike & Arrows have worked for Limited Brands, John Casablancas Modeling, the fashion department at C Magazine, KEXP radio, and they have contributed to blogs and e-zines across the internet.

Initially, the company was started with the primary objective of increasing the safety of cycle commuters.  However, it has since evolved and the fashion and style angles have taken a much more dominant role in helping to shape the company.  Anyone can get a construction worker's vest and be visible, but Bike & Arrows wants to produce good-looking, stylish visibility that will allow cyclists (or anyone who wants to be seen) to be highly fashionable while they are highly visible.