BikeYoga offers flexibility and recovery training designed for cyclists. Created by competitive and lifelong recreational cyclist and therapeutic yoga expert, Üma Kleppinger, BikeYoga helps cyclists feel better both on and off the bike.

Appropriate for everyone from competitive cyclists and triathletes to mountain bikers and weekend warriors, BikeYoga will help you:

•   Experience less muscle soreness after riding.
•   Recover faster and more easily after a hard effort.
•   Improve core strength while increasing flexibility.
•   Improve range of motion in hips, lower back, and neck and shoulders.
•   Reach your peak performance.
•   Reduce or eliminate postural pain.

BikeYoga focuses on commonly weak and tight areas in cyclists: namely, the hips and lower backs, and neck and shoulders. Hamstrings are gradually lengthened while back muscles and core are strengthened. This program is a blend of basic yoga techniques and other therapeutic movement modalities. No experience is necessary. BikeYoga is accessible to all ages and abilities.

For more information, please visit www.bikeyoga.com