Welcome!  Congratulations on the first step towards starting your Bikram yoga practice.  Hopefully soon you will be receiving the mind and body benefits that a regular Bikram yoga practice will give you for the rest of your life.  Sweat out toxins, stretch and tone your muscles, manage stress, and generally FEEL GREAT with Bikram yoga!

No reservations necessary. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class.  We lock the door at class time and cannot let in latecomers.  Please also allow time for paying to park (free after 6pm - more info below).

MATS AND TOWELS We will loan you a mat and towel for your first class (or bring your own mat and beach towel).  We have mats for sale and rent after your first visit.

WATER Try to drink at least 2 liters of water before your class.  We have water for sale or bring a bottle to fill at our cold water fountain.

FOOD You want something on your stomach but try not eat 3 hours before class.  Plan on eating just after the class.

CLOTHING Women usually wear a sports bra and tank top and yoga pants or shorts.  Men wear shorts with a liner and a tshirt.  No shoes or socks in the yoga room.

SHOWERS We have two showers.

PARKING Park on the street in front of 2500 SW 28 Ln, 33133.  Before 6pm, pay at the Pay-to-Park meter and put the ticket on your dash.  Pay by Phone here and the closest location code is 40917.  After 6pm parking is free.

DRIVING Making a left on to 27th Ave from US1 going towards downtown can be very difficult, especially in rush hours.  3 ways around it - 1) go straight through the 27th Ave intersection and make a left at 24th Ave and left at the traffic circle onto SW 28 Ln, 2) go right on SW 28th Terr from US1 which takes you behind the Pet Supermarket, Mattress Giant, Pollo Tropical, and then turn left onto 27th Ave and cross US1 on 27th Ave, or 3) go left onto 31st Ave from US1 and right onto SW 28th Ln (this road winds around and you still have to cross 27th Ave to get to us).