Print tickets with QR

If you need an online system to place QR, BarCode or numbering easily on the design of a ticket, there is a tool at https://bikubo.com that allows you to create your tickets, invitations, flyers, etc. with a simple registration. with an electronic control system.

drag and drop
With a simple dragging element that is needed, it is placed in the right place. It is validated and then you can generate all the tickets that are needed, each with a different QR, ready to validate.

Print or send by mail?
The printed entries are used less and less, but above all by the need to avoid copies, which makes the printing more expensive if you have to add special paper, holograms, or any other physical element. The current trend is to use electronic tickets with QR and locator, which can be sent by onlin (Mail) or printed at home by the buyer.

These systems are much cheaper than printing tickets and managing their physical and personal distribution. In any case bikubo streamlines the entire distribution process through an online system of distribution among public relations, assigned tickets, and allowing its sale both online and physically. Lor public relations act as a point of sale, but with the advantage of having controlled at all times the sale from the principial usury.