We are located on Englewood Ave. inside the Hamline Church. Bilingual Childcare & Education Center offers flexible, year-round child care and preschool programs for 18 months to 5 years of age. Our curriculum aligns with the St, Paul Public Schools early childhood standards for preparedness for entry into kindergarten. Instructional Goals include: Intellectual development Language Development Problem Solving Personal Growth Reading Readiness Math Readiness Science Readiness Social Development Basic Routine: Learn to follow a daily schedule Behavior Skills: Learn good habits Playing Skills (alone and in group): Participate in positive social interaction, cooperation and individual time Emotional Development Choices: Learn to make decisions Curiosity and self-motivation: learn through exploration and develop initiative Physical Development (gross and fine motor) Gross: Large muscle play Physical movement, master a variety of physical movements Balance: Build awareness of obstacles that can create loss of balance Fine: Small muscle play and activities that build dexterity with manipulation of fingers Eye-hand coordination: Development through the use of toys, books, and other learning tools. Call us today for a private tour, meet teachers and learn more about our language and learning program,

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Bilingual Day Care Center