From Brian Bird, Executive Producer of The Hallmark Channel TV-movie "The Shunning:"

"Bill Oberst Jr. won the part of Samuel Lapp, our stern but loving Amish father, with his amazing audition. He's a consummate professional. He did his homework and brought his A game to every scene that he was in. I can't say enough about what a terrific actor and a tremendous human being Bill is. I would recommend him to other productions anytime, anywhere."

From Jason Williams, Executive Producer: "Sherman's March:"

"I always thought that Bill Oberst Jr. was a perfect fit for the part of William Tecumseh Sherman, and so did he! He was the best actor imaginable for the role. Our project benefited from his professionalism, his hard work and his forethought. I would recommend Bill to other productions because he's a real pro.

From Bo Buckley, Executive Producer: "Dismal"
"Bill is very grounded, so although you get an extremely talented actor, you don't get a diva who thinks everyone is below them. To hear Bill talk he's learning from everyone and grateful to be there, when the truth is we are all there to watch Bill work. He's a great promoter and he's very loyal to his employers. There's no question I would recommend him."

From Bill Parker, Producer: "The Princess And The Pony"
"Bill was insistent that we make the stunts as real as possible, to the point of throwing himself to the ground in several scenes, and darting out of the way of stampeding horses. It made the stunt better, it made the scenes better and, ultimately, made the film better. He remains one of the best actors that I have ever worked with."