Bills Better Businesses (BBB) has created a new paradigm that is the wave of the future by combining the best features of Referral Networking Chapters with the many benefits of a Bartering Marketplace. The membership in the Marketplace is free and included with membership in the Referral Networks. The combination helps you to increase your income, decrease operating expenses, and acquire more customers.

This concept allows even the smallest home-based businesses up to the multi-branched larger corporation to have an even playing field to grow their businesses and for everyone to prosper in today's economy.

Any firm that has branch offices or utilized outside salespeople will find this combination a great labor-saving system to increase their productivity and effectiveness. As an incentive to establishing many Chapters on a nationwide basis, presently, there is no cost for any company to start up a chapter.and is fee-free for anyone becoming a Chapter Leader.

The secret to the success of this system is the use of Zoom technology to hold the meetings, contact members, and prospect for new customers. This allows the Leaders to work from home or office at their convenience. For existing salespeople, this should be a breeze to operate like no other training is required other than that provided by BBB for operating a Chapter.

Additionally, there is no bookkeeping, treasurer, or administrative involvement required of the Chapter Leaders as it is all automated through the Barter Marketplace software which handles all invoicing and payment functions.

The Barter Marketplace is open to non-member businesses of the BBB Referral Chapters along with the general public to join in and trade private consumer items. it is especially good for people selling goods and services on sites like eBay or Amazon, as their fee structure is quite attractive.