Founded in 1999 by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray, Billykirk is as much a concept as it is a brand. Around that time, the relatively new concept of fast-fashion was rapidly gaining steam. Billykirk was founded to counteract this trend, raising a fist toward inferior quality and mass production.

Made with the finest materials, uncompromising attention to quality, and a thoughtful eye for design, Billykirk is unapologetically unique.

At Billykirk, the job isn't done when an item is simply purchased. It isn't done when a year, or two, or three pass by. These unique leather goods become a part of their owner, evolving and molding with each passing day. Every time a belt is taken on or taken off, each opening of a wallet, these small habits slowly build up character in the piece.

Here the job is never done. We strive to craft each piece with care and quality that speaks for itself. With each passing year of use, this voice should only grow louder and louder.