Biltmore Records is a North Carolina S Corporation established in 2007. The record company also manages, and promotes artists through live events, innovative marketing strategies, and more recently created two radio shows on WGIV 103.3, FM Charlotte. The company is primarily a Hip-Hop, R&B label however there will be room for all musical genres as the company continues to grow. Biltmore Records president and CEO, Rick Cruz is a New York native who migrated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001. With over a decade of industry experience Biltmore Records plans to establish the company as a leader by finding premier talent and carefully crafting their unique vision toward long-term goals.

Biltmore Records established Accelerate Thinking Publishing Company (ASCAP) in 2007, accompanying the first official release. The company has also collaborated on numerous compilations, and strategic projects promoting awesome talents.

Although headquartered in North Carolina, Biltmore Records has expanded to include offices in New York City. This partnership has allowed the company to increase visibility in a major market, and develop new insights that will drive results, and grow business. The New York partnership presents the functional expertise, and experience that will provide another solid platform for promoting Biltmore Records artist’s to a broader audience.