Bilytica is a market leader IT Company, known for its enterprise friendly Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. It has strong and exceptional line up of experienced BI and Analytics experts who put their all efforts to bring out innovative skills and techniques to steer the exponential growth of digital data and meet the requirements for the mobile data accessibility and complying with the evolving regulations. A multinational firm with its nerve centre in Australia is a regionally expanded company in Canada, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Peru. The company is serving almost all industries from healthcare, banking to manufacturing, providing them with world’s best intelligence and analytics solutions which allows them to have deep insight of their business performance and enables to make intelligent decisions to take their business to higher levels of success. Our experts have developed a cost effective global delivery model which blends onsite, near shore and offshore resources to balance the global reach with local accountability and ensure delivery excellence regardless of the geographic and project complexity.

Key Products/ Sub Companies of Bilytica

•     Erpisto ERP Suite(ERP with Analytics)

•     Erpisto CRM (CRM with Analytics)

•     PeopleQlik (HR and Payroll Software Solutions)

•     AppsOut (A Mobile Development Company)

•     InsureQlik (Insurance Brokers Management Software)

•     Cloudpital (Hospital Management Information System)

•     Fuelioo (Fuel Theft Control Management System)

•     Imgessel (Engineering Services Company)

•     Techlopes (Website Design and Development)

•     CampusQlik (School Management Software)

Erpisto ERP Suite (ERP with Analytics)
Erpisto ERP Suite holds exceptional modules of Accounting and Financial Management, HCM and Payroll, Sales Management, Purchase Management etc. which can simplify the business operations, reduce complexities and ensures collaboration and responsiveness.

Erpisto CRM     (CRM with Analytics)
Erpisto CRM is integrated solution which with its modules of Campaign Management, Telemarketing, Asset Management, Account Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Quotation Management and Industry Specific KPIs enables the clients to improve the tracking and recording of sales and marketing information to ensure business success.

AppsOut (A Mobile Development Company)
AppsOut is an amazing mobile application which enables you to design strategic plans to meet you future aims of your company. It provides the services of IOS and Android Apps Development, games learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps Development, 2D / 3D Mobile Games Development and Mobile Customer Loyalty.

PeopleQlik (HR & Payroll Software)
PeopleQlik is an enterprise cloud HR and payroll software, trusted by 25000+ customers globally which helps small to large companies manage their entire human resources within single software accessible from web and mobile. PeopleQlik manages a range of HR processes, through different modules such as: payroll, talent management, workforce management ,organizational development, performance management, and HR metrics & analytics .PeopleQlik is one of the most reliable software available, since it meets the evolving needs of businesses and is accessible through any gadget. PeopleQlik is compatible with other systems such as ERP and Payroll; it offers a range of services, as banking, finance etc. PeopleQlik provides a user friendly interface to its users and connects the organizations who are stretching across the globe.

InsureQlik (Insurance Brokers Management Software)
InsureQlik was founded in 2007. Its main office is in Melbourne, Australia with 8 Offices world-wide. InsureQlik Suite is an insurance software platform which includes components for policy, rating and underwriting, billing, claims, print, agent and policyholder portals, and much more.

Cloudpital (Hospital Management Information System)
Cloudpital is designed to transform healthcare practices with industry’s modern, powerful and flexible cloud based platform. Its telehealth, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology management modules ensures the best healthcare platforms and are intended to help the providers in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of practices.

Fuelioo (Fuel Theft Control Management)
Fuelioo experts have designed fuel theft hardware which demolishes the possibility of fuel theft. Its main traits of fleet, fuel theft, fleet GPS, and mobile tracking let you calculate the average of the engine and report the consumption of engine. You can also send alerts if engine switch off and abnormal flow of fuel.

Imgessel (Engineering Services)
Imgessel engineers and consultants provides client specific engineering solutions to process the power, oil and gas industry through the integration of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and process engineering.