An appointment scheduling app "Bindie" “declares war” to well known alternative solutions -  the usual notebook planners and endless phone calls.

Bindie is an appointment scheduling app for free. It is the easiest & fastest way to manage your daily events and save time.

It was created because of a self need for this kind of solution. Current market shows that every app, software is focused to enterprises, not to the simple user. Bindie was made so that everyone can schedule appointments without a hassle and so it is more than affordable for the experts - service providers.


- No phone calls
- See your experts availability in real-time
- Schedule appointments in seconds
- Lot less “No shows”
- No lost clients because of missed calls
- Better service quality

Because of Two-way calendar synchronization in real time, Bindie allows its users fast & simple appointment booking - it takes only couple of seconds and without any phone calls. Bindie is already available for iOS and Android devices!

This app is developed for both: ­
- Experts: Iindividual service providers like hairdresser, pedicure, freelancers, consultants, etc. who are using calendar as a main business management tool to manage daily appointments. ­
- Users: Persons who are looking for service provider to book appointment. ­
- User/Expert: Person who’s a specific skills and expertise. Example: till 5pm an accountant, after 5pm car mechanic. By using Bindie the service provider doesn’t need to answer calls or call back ­ customers will manage their appointments by themselves.

- Free for the User ­
- Free (limited features) or 9 € (USD 9,60) per month for the PRO version for Experts which is the lowest price point in the industry. That’s it, no other hidden in­-app purchases.

What to expect in near future­?

- Multi­language interface ­
- Customized App for iPad and Android tablets ­
- Review service providers ­
- Search an expert near you ­