Designed to keep the lid of your wheelie bin sealed and secure in adverse weather conditions and when tipped over BinStrap helps prevent littering and pollution, keeping your garden and the environment clean and green.

BinStrap is easy to use & easy to assemble, has a 360° swivel effect for ease of use. Strong, durable and tamperproof it can stand up to all weather conditions.
As well as being affordable it serves a great purpose in helping to keep rubbish where it belongs!

Flexible, robust, strong & durable for all weather conditions.
Keeps bin lid closed in stormy conditions & when tipped over. 
No more using dangerous heavy rocks to keep wheelie bin lids closed.        
No more cleaning up spilt rubbish.
Prevents vermin & animals getting at bin contents, reducing the chance of spreading disease.
Keeps rats out of bins, reducing the chance of infestation, the spread of germs & disease.
Fits all size wheelie bins.
Tamper Proof!