BioBubble Pets is a world-renowned award-winning designer and manufacturer of small animal habitats and educational projects for the home and classroom. We are recognized for our strong commitment to deliver the highest quality innovative products to animal and nature lovers around the globe.

Our passion for caring for and nurturing small companion pets and our commitment to education and to the well being of all living things is the driving force behind all of our innovation.

We care deeply about the Earth our natural environments, conservation, education and our communities. We believe all human beings benefit from nurturing connections and relationships with small animals and learning about the Earths natural environments.

BioBubbles are the world’s most versatile animal habitats. The BioBubble and all of our other products offer anyone and everyone the opportunity to explore, experience and connect with nature by being able to create all types of custom habitats for fish, reptiles, small animals, plants and insects. Our products are perfect for creating beautiful aquascapes, landscapes, greenhouses and other natural environments that are ideal for small creatures that swim, crawl, climb and fly.