Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) conducts advanced multi-feedstock research in the industry’s non-food energy farming crop improvement programme and addresses the complete value chain. As a producer of proprietary seeds, ABC is in the most attractive segment of the biodiesel value chain — upstream from the capital intensive refining and conversion of biodiesel.
We, Advanced Biofuel Center are a leading name involved in offering a wide gamut of products to our esteemed clients such as Bio Diesel Crop Manual, Bio Diesel Crop, Bio Diesel Crop Seeds and Algae Fuels to name a few. Manufactured using high-grade raw material, these products are in adherence with set industry guidelines and norms.

We have a state-of-the-symbolization base that is generally outfitted with cutting edge innovation based apparatus and world class conveniences. We have isolated our office into numerous divisions to guarantee that greatest conceivable operational proficiency is accomplished. These divisions are creation, quality control, planning, organization, bundling and logistics. All these divisions are productively overseen by our group of element experts, which is resolved to attain the hierarchical destinations inside the given time period. These people are deliberately surveyed on their capabilities, information levels, ability and state of mind before being made a piece of the group. We sway our experts to stay side by side of the predominating business patterns and specialty the items as needs be to satisfy the changed necessities of the clients.
Our new Nonfood Biodiesel crops like algae, castor, moringa, pongamia, jojoba, simarouba which are poised for commercialization as the newest, greatest biodiesel feedstock as these crops can produce the greatest amount of feedstock for the lowest input and cost. Good scientific research done by CJP’s scientists has shown that how oilseed crops grow best across different soil conditions and climates, and how they fit into existing production systems determining what consequences might result from growing these crops in terms of sustainability. Apart from Jatropha, following of Nature''s elite stock - true-bred, tried and tested form the part of programme agenda:

Calophyllum inophyllum L.,
Castor bean (Ricinus communis)
Citrullus colocynthis (Tumba)
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis)
Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
Karanja (Pongamia pinnata)
Kokum (Garcinia indica)
Moringa oleifera
Mahua (Madhuca indica)
Neem (Azadirachta indica)
Simarouba (Simarouba glauca)
We are moving forward in the publishing domain by working on the principles of competence and ethics. With the focus on utilization and expansion of available resources, we have been able to build a specialized knowledge centre, wherein we are able to perform our business activities. This centre of excellence enables us to carry out our operations at both national and international level in a concentrated and successful manner.