CHAKAAN BUULAAN B.C. is a Mexican non- profit organization.

It was founded in 2003 after a decade of work and research about ecosystem management by the Mayan culture, a traditional art where the diversity of worldviews, the cycles of the sky and land dynamics are subjects who share becoming.

Hence its name . In maya, Cha means " bring" and Ka'an , "heaven." Chakaan is the savannah, where space is "open" jungle and " hard " heaven ; where Buulaan refers to the periodic flooding of the savannahs , a manifestation of the relationship between the cycles of heaven and soil fertility , which articulates the relationship between agriculture , hunting , fishing and gathering .

Considering the profound processes of fragmentation and disintegration cultural, social , economic and environmental in our country , the founders of CHAKAAN BUULAAN adopted the commitment to design and implement methods for building adaptive governance systems for ecosystem management , specifically for conditions of profound economic , environmental, social and cultural fragmentation .

In short, the mission of the organization is to rebuild the social and environmental fabric cultivating the relationship between heaven and shared territory of each.