Why We Are Special
BIOEDIT LTD is currently the trusted provider of English editing services to major life science and medical laboratories throughout the world. Since its incorporation in 2001, BIOEDIT has edited and proofread more than 10,000 manuscripts in medicine and biology, and has seen its clients' work published in such reputed journals as Nature and Cancer Research.

Our client retention rate at Bioedit is above 80%, meaning that you are unlikely to want to change to another English editing service once you have tried Bioedit. This success can be largely attributed to the experience and dedication of our editors, a blend of full-time scientists, retired researchers, and professional medical writers and editors with past experience as either referees or editors of peer-reviewed life science journals.

Experienced Editors
Unlike many other editing services, who employ graduate students without publication experience, BIOEDIT believes that only previously published scientists with knowledge of the journal submission process are fit to edit your work. In addition to this, our editors go through an extended selection process before they are finally accepted as permanent editors in the BIOEDIT editing team. In fact, only one out of every thirty requests we receive for employment results in a permanent position.

As our team is led by PhD scientists with a vast range of specialties within the life and medical sciences, they will understand your work at every level, putting them in the best possible position to help you get your message across to all readers. To achieve this, we go beyond the mere correction of basic errors in English grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax, to turn poorly formulated text into clear and concise prose without altering the meaning of the text.

In-house Editing
All submissions worked on by BIOEDIT are dealt with in-house, something that is rare among on-line editing services, giving us complete control of the editing process. Here, the edited version of your manuscript is proofread by our resident English linguists to guarantee the work we return to you is of the highest standard, each and every time. Moreover, our editors are subject to regular spot checks to ensure they continue to meet our meticulous editing standards.

When you receive your edited manuscript back, it comes annotated with the changes made, along with helpful comments and suggestions which may improve the work further. The author will also receive a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the service, allowing them to see who has personally edited the manuscript.

The end result is work of greater impact that stands a better chance of not only surviving the submission process, but also of having a greater influence within your field of research.

Life Science Specialists
BIOEDIT are dedicated solely to scientists in the life sciences, unlike many so-called scientific editing services that try to cover a multitude of fields while serving none. See our Choose Your Editor section to browse our editors and the areas we currently offer editing in.

But that is not all; in order to make the use of BIOEDIT a pleasant, secure, and especially user-friendly experience, we have also implemented the following procedures:

•High security guaranteed by SSL encryption (GeoTrust) during manuscript uploading and downloading.
•A choice of three levels of English editing to meet all your English editing needs at affordable prices.
•High confidentiality. Your work will never be divulged to a third-party. Please see our confidentiality agreement.
•Express editing of manuscripts in as little as 48 hours.
•Generous discounts for returning clients. Free editing of revised manuscripts (Conditions apply-see FAQ).
•Fast reponses –we answer all your queries/requests in less than 2 hours.
•Open all day, every day, all year round.