bionicTOYS is a series of construction-based toys that set a child’s creativity free as they learn. These patent-pending flex-bricks, used alone or with other popular building bricks, allow for inventive building that mimic the organic actions of animals and plants, such as grasping, crawling, jumping, and flying. This translates into learning STEM-based knowledge of physics, such as the principles of flexibility, potential energy, friction, recoil, levers and pivots, and elasticity.

bionicTOYS was founded by award-winning designer Marcel Pasternak in early 2016 and is based in Berlin, Germany. Marcel began introducing his flex-brick construction sets through educational programs at schools. Within less than a year, his design has grown into a company that focuses on educational toys inspired by the laws of nature. With its launch on Kickstarter, Marcel plans to jumpstart the first production run and to continue to prepare for a mass market launch with a premiere at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in 2017.