A Dallas-based software company, Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI), provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its patented BioSig-ID™ biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. Activation is from any mouse, stylus, or touchpad on any PC anywhere, anytime. BioSig-ID™ captures how you write/draw your signature including your speed, direction, angle, and length, which are unique to each individual. Users enroll one time to create a profile (stored in a secure database) and thereafter validate their identity in seconds. BioSig-ID™ stops identity fraud by restricting access to only registered users who verify themselves against their stored biometric profile.

Two issued patents combined with “New product innovation of the year in North America” confirm this breakthrough technology. Independent tests have found the software has extremely low false positives that exceed federal guidelines by a 3 fold factor. BSI was recently given a financial award from the White House based initiative called National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). Working with our partners AAMVA, AT&T, Microsoft, Virginia DMV and CA we are using our multi-factor authentication solution to secure transactions over the Internet.
BSI is working with a number of the largest institutions in higher education, financial services, online gaming and healthcare, providing identity authentication before users can access exams, bank accounts, personal health information or other online accounts.

During the past twelve months, BSI has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for developing the Product Innovation of the Year, and have been vetted by the 17-member advisory committee of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and granted a commercialization award for their break-through technology. Their identity proofing products have worldwide applications including student ID verification, secure online banking, healthcare records access and identity verifications for Internet-based transactions. To learn more about how BSI solutions can help with your Identity proofing needs visit our web site at  http://www.biosig-id.com or call us at (877) 700-1611.