My name is Shannon  and I have lived in Wilmington for 16 years.  I have had a variety of different careers since moving to Wilmington including being a nanny, waitress, bank teller, and home decor buyer.  Six years ago  I finally settled down to fulfill my true calling of being a Mom!  Of the countless celebrations and special occasions that this ‘job’ entails, one of my favorites is celebrating birthdays!   Finding a way that all children can have the opportunity to celebrate their special day is a project has been on my heart for several years.  After spending time in my daughter’s kindergarten class and finding out that there were kids out there that didn’t even know when their birthday was, I knew it was time to stop dreaming and start doing.  Meeting these children finally gave me the courage to move forward….and Birthday Smiles was born!  

Each child is extremely special and we believe that they should not only be reminded of this, but to have the opportunity to truly celebrate it on this very  important day. Each of us has at least one, if not several, special memories from birthdays past. Please help us to make sure that no child misses the chance to shine, smile, laugh and share on their big day; and create memories of their own that will last a lifetime.

Our  ultimate goal is to reach every elementary & middle school in the surrounding counties, as well as  homeless shelters, fostercare homes, and wherever there are kids that need a little extra joy in their lives!

Our first step towards achieving this goal is to reach out to individual elementary schools in New Hanover County.  Our intent is to work closely with school social workers and counselors to identify students whose families may be experiencing difficult circumstances.   Once we have identified students in need we will  provide classroom parties that include the following….

~ sweet treats and a healthy snack
~ juice or water
~ plates and napkins
~ goodie bags for classmates
~disposable camera & development to document the special day                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ a special gift for the birthday child