Molly McGettigan Arthur is the inspiration behind EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth. In realizing our unbroken connection to all life on earth , Molly works to sustain thriving, healthy, caring humans and to reclaim our relationship with all our kin and our sacred MotherEarth. She believes that we can proclaim our joyous authority to care for, protect and bless all life and regenerate our ancestral kinship of healing, nurturance and wellbeing- witnessing the relationship MotherBaby MotherEarth as our guide. In looking for the roots of our current desperate times, Molly learned that the last six generations of her ancestors were implemental in their creation. She is working with the challenge of integrating her lineage of perpetrators of Indigenous genocide and the poisoning of earth with her authentic identity and calling. The intimate and current collusion she has with white supremacy and how embedded she is in the societal structures of racism and white privilege are foundational understandings for her. She is endeavoring to address the current effects of these parts of her lineage by launching her Waking Up to Our Own History, Lineage and Legacy initiative.