Our mission at Birthright Abundance is to enhance lives through education, ideas, and inspiration. From our perspective we succeed at living better when you live better. For each person that we can touch and help just a little means our lives become a little brighter. The rewards and opportunities for reaching out are far greater than any rewards of hoarding resources of any kind.

What does wealth mean to you? Hopefully it means more than a pile of paper called money. Although money has its place in the current markets, it is not a complete fix all for true wealth. Money, for the most part is usually a big distraction for what is really important to your soul. Money puts potential into a tiny box that very few get to realize. And of that very few, only a small fraction of the whole is represented, hence slow progress for human evolution.

Sharing the wisdom of abundance freely will enable a much broader playing field and spark a whole new generation of thinking. This type of thinking will produce creations the world has never seen. Fantastic ideas and discoveries that truly makes all proud to be human. With the education of abundance and human birthrights people will be free to move on to do what they truly are capable of being. Evolve or fade but nothing may stand still.

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