We a private European Healthcare Provider Company focused on Medical Tourism  for incoming patients in need of Health Care treatment in Barcelona (Spain) and is specialized in Heart, Spinal, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics surgery.

Through our Barcelona International Surgical Institute – BISI, we represent only hand-picked certified and experienced surgeons within the most prestigious and internationally renowned hospitals in Barcelona.

We are dedicated to help incoming patients in need of Health Care treatments as a result of their insufficient payment capacity or because not all new treatments are yet available in their home country or even in the case of the US that some elective procedures not allowed by the FDA regulations.

Thinking of our patient's well-being, we offer added travel insurances targeted to each patient’s case to safeguard a successful recovery and guarantee a life-long solution to their health problems.

In the other hand, in response to the increase of companies seeking International Health Care as a perfect solution for a complementary insurance plan, we created the Indemnity Health Care Plan with the purpose of aiding potential surgical needs for their employees at a low cost & risk-free rate.

This reimbursement plan was carefully elaborated having in mind what the international patient needs and what we can offer, in order to be able to accept and assist the majority of illness cases.

We are above all a  Company aimed at offering to its patients access to top quality medical resources, with the added advantage of providing a personal service tailored to their needs. Our priority is to provide the appropriate healthcare solutions  and ensuring that our patients receive the best medical care and attention, in the shortest time scale possible and in the most efficient way at a huge cost saving.