Sunlight makes it easy for you to efficiently run the day to day operations of your Professional Services organization. From Time & Expense collection, to Resource Scheduling, to Advanced Analytics— Sunlight does it, and it's easy. Everything that you want to do is no more than two mouse clicks away. Sunlight is accessible over the web, by your Employees, Customers and Partners. The right information is accessible by the right people, at anytime.

Save Time and Money :
 Sunlight makes it quick and easy to manage all the information about your consultants, customers, and partners— giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Simplify Time and Expense Collection:
 Time and Expense collection doesn't have to be difficult. Sunlight simplifies the details to keep your business running smoothly.

Easily Share Project Scheduling Information:
 Sunlight is a web application which enables your consultants, customers, and partners to gain access to their project scheduling information at any time.

Stay Organized:
 Sunlight's Document repositories help you keep your documents organized. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and your downstream systems helps to maximize business process flexibility.

Analyze Time, Revenue and Expenses:
 Analyze your business's information with Microsoft Excel and the latest release of Powerpivot. Nine packaged workbooks are available for you to use immediately. In addition, Sunlight comes with 38 other reports that cover all aspects of the system.

Stay Informed:
Sunlight's email and mobile text alerts will keep you informed of any changes, when they occur.

Web Scheduling by Individual, Project and Group:
  Individual – Instantly know the work status of any resource by project and task
  Project – Employees, Customers and Partners can consult the schedule for resources & times for their project
  Group – Group Leaders/Administrators can easily detect the “holes” in the schedules of their consultants

Weekly Time Collection with Workflow Approval Process:
 Create and activate a time period, then collect time information from employees and contractors
 Status reports can be uploaded and attached to time reports

Expense Collection with Workflow Approval Process:
 Create and activate a time period, and collect expense information from employees and contractors
 Receipt scans can be uploaded and attached to the expense report

Document Management:
 Centralized Document Repository for contracts, statements of work, resumes, expense receipts, weekly project updates, etc.

Resource Management:
 Information for Employees, Partners and Customers is centralized in a single place, for easy access.

Reporting “Out of the Box”:
 38 reports, covering all aspects of the system, are always ready
 Save PDF, Excel or hard copies of Schedules, Expense & Time Reports and all other information that’s available in Sunlight

Subscriptions to Email Alerts:
 Standard alerts for expense and time workflow
 Standard alerts for calendar changes
 Optional alerts can be subscribed to for changes to Customers, Employees, etc
Integration with Outlook, Excel and Word
 Web integration with Excel 2010 and PowerPivot
 Import and export VCARDS with MS Outlook
 Export schedules to your MS Outlook calendar or Excel/PDF
 Reports can be exported to MS Excel, PDF, Rich Text for MS Word, CSV and Web Archive files
Integrated with External Systems and Analysis Services
 Codes feature allows tagging so that G/L accounts, HR codes, MSAS Parents, etc., can be easily inserted into your integration stream.

Data Analysis
 Advanced data analysis with Excel 2010 Power Pivot. Nine packaged workbooks are available for you to use immediately.