Bison ProFab stands out among electrical enclosure manufacturers of steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, and aluminum NEMA enclosures for two good reasons. One is our rigorous approach to manufacturing quality, balanced by a willingness to think “outside the box” in response to a non-standard enclosure need. Bison Profab's main focus is on Custom Electrical Enclosures. Currently 95% of our work is custom enclosures that cannot be purchased off the shelf. We focus on three main selling points: quality work, quick turnaround and a competitive price point.

Installing a traffic signal control cabinet or junction box takes on more than most would think. Municipal specifiers must balance the need for strict standards compliance with the mandate to conserve every available taxpayer dollar. Imagine this process taking place for every traffic signal controller cabinet that needs to be installed. Bison custom manufactures traffic control enclosures from small pole-mounted enclosures to large walk-in/freestanding enclosures.

All of our cabinet configuration options, including traffic accessories, can be customized to adapt to the strict state specifications via mounting options and material options depending on the different environmental factors that the control enclosure will be subjected to. Bison traffic control & NEMA cabinets can be custom manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel with optional fans, lights, thermostats, surge protectors and other built-in traffic accessories.