B.I.S.S. Research offer a unique insight into the many issues surrounding the global financial services industry and publishes intelligent, opinionated, white papers, reports, articles and blogs on them.

It focuses particularly on technology and services that are supplied to the FS Industry and runs a unique Business to IT Benchmarking service which assesses and then offers an Accreditation to vendors whose product manages to pass the relevant benchmarks. Vendors whose products do not achieve the benchmarks, do not get the Accreditation but have an opportunity to resubmit their product, should they decide to enhance the areas where they had previously failed and the product is then reassessed.

B.I.S.S. uses a voluntary panel of independent industry professionals to rate the products under assessment. The vendor cannot pay to influence the results of the benchmarking or the analysts report, which offers a truely independent and unbiased process and accessment that buyers of software and services can rely on.

B.I.S.S. analysts are all experienced senior professionals, who have had many years experience in the Financial Sector and are acknowledged as experts in their chosen field.