Smart Bitcoin Investments (SBI) exists to develop education that encourages and fulfills the public interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments worldwide. Bitcoin is the world’s first Blockchain-backed digital currency. As a result, Bitcoin needs to be taught to all individuals who are interested in financial literacy.

The advancement of the blockchain as a security incentive means investment firms are integrating both cryptoassets and the blockchain into the security of their client accounts. To prepare for the future we have compiled guides for both the novice investor to learn about how a bitcoin investment works and also the advanced investor who wants to establish an IRA with cryptoassets.

One of the keys to Bitcoin’s value is its issuance model. Miners are paid each time they append a new block of transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain. With only 21 million Bitcoins, available, to ever be mined this built-in scarcity is part of Bitcoin’s value.

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