Launched on 18 September 2014, Bitter Lollipop (http://www.bitterlollipop.com) offers a collection of dresses for women size 8-14 who have a large bust and find it difficult to find clothing that fits properly. Each dress size available in two bust sizes: Busty and Buxom. The dresses are made to order and everything is made in the UK, with an emphasis on fit and quality. Each piece is produced in a limited run, so you know you’ll be wearing something very unique.

Bitter Lollipop was born from my own struggles to find clothing on the high street that both fits and flatters. The fashion industry seems to ignore women with a bra size larger than C, and I think it’s time for that to change. I was tired of the frustration that comes with trying on a cute dress and finding that I couldn’t zip it up past my bust or that I looked like I could pop out at any moment! As a fashion lover, there is nothing more disheartening than knowing you’ll never be able to wear the clothes you so adore.

By designing fashion-forward clothing for women with large busts, I aim to change both the way we dress and the way we feel about our bodies. I want women to feel confident and proud instead of self-conscious. The name “Bitter Lollipop” comes from the “lollipop” body shape of a large bust and slim waist and hips. It is actually a very desirable body shape, so all the more reason to show it off!

Originally from Chicago, I moved to the UK a few years ago for university and have been here ever since. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology and went on to achieve a Masters in International Fashion Business. My business is part of Nottingham Trent University’s business incubator called “The Hive” and I have received invaluable support from them.

I am very inspired by British fashion and culture, but also draw on my American influences in my designs. I grew up sewing and creating things, and I am excited to combine my interests with my business background.

Don’t be bitter, be a bombshell.

For press enquiries: press@bitterlollipop.com