Biz 10X, a leading online development firm, has announced the release of its new technology designed to provide companies with a comprehensive toolset that will enable them to grow, train and manage a thriving sales team.

“This is a one-of-a-kind offering, available at a fraction of what you would pay for other systems – other systems that have just a fraction of the capabilities and tools that we offer,” explained Keith Monen, CEO of Biz10X.com. He added, “This isn't a cookie cutter application; it's custom-built and privately labeled for each client and their unique needs and objectives.”

A few of the Biz 10 X automated online tools include. Automated online sales people recruiting, managing, testing and scoring, lead distribution, appointment setting and tracking, CRM system,  and much more.

The powerful Biz 10 X system is designed to automate and simplify the process of building and managing a company's sales force, ranging in size from 1 to 1,000 or more team members. Since the system is custom-tailored to each client's precise specifications, it's suitable for a vast array of companies, both large and small and across virtually every niche and industry.

The Biz 10 X sales team builder system works to continually build a company's sales force. A business can spread the word about available sales positions, largely automating the recruitment and hiring process. Once new sales team members are hired, the system can be utilized to provide the new team members with training. It also features easy-to-use tools that will simplify sales team management and sales tracking.

“The Biz 10X system is developed in a way that makes it possible for one employee to manage a company's entire sales force with a time investment of just a couple hours per week,” Biz 10 X CEO Keith Monen explained.

In addition to streamlining a company's sales team, the Biz 10 X interface provides businesses with the tools required to generate new customer or client leads. The combination of these two features has translated into tremendous growth and profit for the companies that are already using this system.

“One of our clients, Senior Living LLC, has reported that the Biz 10X system pulled in more than 2,100 applications for their commission-based sales positions. They hired a total of 23 candidates, who have already generated more than 230 new sales, totaling more than $138,000. This company is on target to reach $1 million in new sales in the coming months – that's all thanks to the system that Biz 10X tailored for this company,” Monen explained.

Monen added, “Many companies claim that their products offer unlimited potential, but based on what I've observed, it would seem that our new sales team system truly does have unlimited potential!”

There is no other sales team building system on the internet or anywhere in the world that offers as many sales team building tools and solutions all in one place and for one affordable price.

Biz 10X's sales team builder system provides the system with no monthly payments ever. You will own your custom built private labeled Biz 10 X system forever. The Biz 10 X system is currently available for four weekly payments of $495, ( $1,980 total). Once the four-week development and customization process is complete, the system is transferred to the client's server. Biz 10X transfers ownership to the company; the product is even privately labeled for each client. There is also a one-week rush development option whereby companies can make one payment of $1,980.

To learn more about Biz 10X or to purchase their revolutionary new custom sales team builder interface, visit www.Biz10X.com.