BizBuzzCharleston isn’t just another podcast spouting business advice. We showcase the Charleston business community from a different angle. Like a busy bee buzzing around a hive, we will collect the behind-the-scenes stories – the ongoing trends of the Charleston business community – and turn them into “nectar.”

Everyone has a business story to tell. Every one of us contributes to what is becoming such an exciting and vibrant business community - from the movers and shakers and community leaders to the unheralded business professionals, business owners and worker bees.

This is what the BizBuzz knows

*     People relate to businesses that have a story.
*     They want a “Why” and not just a “What” or “How.”
*     Businesses all over the Charleston area have truly interesting stories that haven’t been told.
*     Sometimes the business news we get needs a different spin.

The Biz BuzzCharleston Podcast will air weekly with a format that includes:

*     Interviews with business owners and community leaders
*     In-depth analysis of business news stories and their effect on the business community
*     Resources on the nitty gritty “How to do business” in the greater Charleston area.

BizbuzzCharleston post new podcasts twice weekly, with the intention of a daily episode – a short BizBuzz section that addresses something going on in our business community that may have fallen below the radar or that needs additional emphasis.  This could be anything from rebroadcasting a news item or even highlighting upcoming business events.

We hope this sounds interesting and you’ll give us a chance. I promise you our focus is on providing the most compelling stories, content and resources for everyone doing business in the Charleston community.

So sit back and listen or call in and participate in this weekly local broadcast about business in the greater Charleston community. And if you have a story to share, let us know, we’d be honored to broadcast your business story.