Bizfon is a company that is dedicated to improving the communication systems of small businesses. Thanks to the Internet, today's small businesses can compete in larger markets with bigger companies. But when it comes to their phone systems, most small businesses are still at a disadvantage. Bizfon is changing that!

Bizfon set out to design a feature-rich product that could be offered through a direct distribution system to customers at an affordable price. As a result, Bizfon provides small businesses the tools they need to transform the way their business communicates - with customers, employees and suppliers - through features like built-in voice mail, automated attendant and follow-me forwarding. Bizfon is also easy to use and maintain through the voice prompted user interface.

Bizfon transforms the quality of service and support expected from a phone system supplier. Every Bizfon has a built-in communications link that automatically connects each Bizfon system to the customer care center, simply by dialing extension 299 from any phone connected to the Bizfon system. Through this connection the Bizfon can be configured, maintained and upgraded at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on-site service call.

Best of all, Bizfon is easy to buy. You can buy it over the phone (603) 870-4400, through our web site at www.bizfon.com or from your local authorized Bizfon Dealer. Bizfon gives small businesses a great product at a truly great price.