BizGives is the world’s first online funding platform that makes it easy for businesses to connect with IRS-approved nonprofit organizations (NPOs). BizGives is a platform that not only helps businesses and foundations partner with the nonprofits whose values align but it is also a place where businesses can receive recognition for the good they’re doing to help NPOs around the world.

Through BizGives, businesses and foundations can easily search our database of NPOs. The NPOs will list specific causes for sponsorship opportunities, large events, budgetary needs, scholarships or programs within their organization. By using BizGive’s exclusive platform, businesses can now quickly find the best NPOs for long-term, multi-faceted, value-driven partnerships.

As a Business
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) shows a corporation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility of their effects on environmental and social well-being. Many companies give to NPOs to take advantage of tax deductions, advance their business objective, increase corporate visibility and to be good corporate citizens. However, companies should also consider that such acts open up an opportunity to showcase the good work that they’re doing in the community to potential employees and customers. Employees who have a favorable impression of their company’s philanthropic program are five times more likely to remain with their employer. Businesses will also receive a published press release and Facebook post every time they sponsor a NPO.

As a Nonprofit
The platform created by BizGives will directly affect how nonprofits’ funds are raised and, in turn, save them billions of dollars per year. Through these newly streamlined channels, NPOs will be able to allocate the money saved towards the expansion of their budgetary goals.