I am a 53 year old small business owner for the past 30 years owning a medical supply store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With the yellow pages and print ads dying, I wanted to keep my business up with the current marketing trends so I thought of building an APP. I investigated the development of an APP and received 4 quotes in excess of $20,000, over 16 weeks to build and a ton of technical expertise required. Not something I or the local small business can afford.

I believe so much in small business being the backbone of the world that I wanted to give small business owners the chance to compete on the smart phone. I interviewed hundreds of local business on what they would want if they could have an APP and thus the creation of Bizhappy.

Bizhappy is an APP that helps businesses instantly connect to their customers, promote their company and grow their revenues. We support local businesses by giving them access to their customers 24/7. Bizhappy is the first template driven APP that has 6 of the most sought out features and set up in only 15 minutes! The app displays hours of operations to geolocation. It also has push notifications to keep their customers informed on updates, specials and deal.
The app is priced at $99 and there are no additional fee's.

Visit www.bizhappy .com to see our consumer video and see all the features and functionality that this app can provide to anyone that has a business, skill, service or trade to offer the world.