Susan Baroncini-Moe, CEO of Business in Blue Jeans, also known as "The Micro-Entrepreneur's Mentor and Hand-holder," is the one you call when you're ready ready for hands-on help creating a business that works. Susan teaches experts and small business owners the basics of "old school," classic business principles plus creativity and technology, so their businesses can grow and bring more freedom, more flexibility, and greater meaning into their lives.

It all started with a lemonade stand. That’s what Susan says. When Susan was growing up in Indiana, she learned that summertime was hot and people needed refreshment. She opened up a little lemonade stand using her Fisher Price picnic table, a cardboard sign, and her mom’s secret recipe (which was pretty much just Kool-Aid mix, water and ice-- fancy stuff in the ‘70s!)

As a graduate student pursuing her Master's Degree in social psycholog, there wasn’t much time for entrepreneurial ventures, but that didn’t stop Susan. The Internet was new and as one of the first people to truly understand the power of this new technology, she was developing and teaching the first web development training programs for students, staff and professors alike at the University of Iowa.

Although Susan earned her Master’s degree, she was recruited by private magazine publishers to re-purpose printed material and content for the web. Susan was becoming a major player in the transitioning world of magazine publishing when she ran into a major crossroads- carpal tunnel syndrome.

Susan returned to her social psychology background, getting additional training and becoming one of the first life coaches in the country. As her coaching practice quickly grew, Susan’s clientele took notice of her business acumen and began inundating her with questions about business. Susan saw that there was a real need for help for small, micro-sized business and the idea for Business in Blue Jeans was born.

Today, Susan helps countless small business owners to grow their businesses in unparalleled ways. Specializing in working with micro-entrepreneurs (a word she coined, to refer to businesses owned and operated by one or two people), Susan is a sought-after trainer, business consultant and public speaker. She is also a trained Nightingale-Conant success coach, a trained wellness coach, a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Susan and her businesses have been featured in:
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