Bizingah! Is a truly social company, a portion of each deal is donated back to a local non-profit organization ... Every time.

Bizingah! focuses on servicing the corporate professional worker as well as small business owners – www.Bizingah.com  offers deals showcasing various business related products and professional services.

“By offering these deals, our mission is to help local businesses gain exposure and generate leads. Bizingah! provides them with a platform to offer time sensitive discounts to fellow professionals and businesses.” said Sanju Ganglani, Chief Marketing Officer, Bizingah!

When surveyed, business product and service providers agreed that utilizing a resource such as www.Bizingah.com will allow them to gain exposure to new markets, realise immediate sales revenue and increase awareness.
“The professional worker and business owner will have the ability to try new products and services with minimal financial risk and see those savings offer an immediate impact to their bottom line.” said Hasitha Pathiraja, Founder & CEO, Infinitech Studios Inc.
“We, at gang&lani productions inc are very pleased and excited to be the first deal on Bizingah.com and launching this long overdue service to fellow business owners. With our deal, we look forward to helping with growth and seeing Toronto flourish economically while strengthening our expanding business community.” said Soniya Kanjani, President, gang&lani productions inc.
As a provider of business products and / or services Bizingah! helps companies target their key audience - businesses of all sizes and working professionals.

It also allows them to gain exposure and not only see immediate revenue but build a healthy pipeline of qualified leads.

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The Best Part?  Bizingah! is a truly social company. A portion of each deal is donated back to local non-profit organizations ... Every time.

Why not give back to your business and give back to your community? … Bizingah! This feels great!

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For additional information, please contact: Sanju Ganglani – media@bizingah.com

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Bizingah! is now accepting proposals from businesses to share deals with Toronto. We understand business decisions cannot be made in a day; all our offers are available for 7 days before closing. Subscribe today to receive deals in your inbox, tell a friend and give them a reason to exclaim Bizingah! each morning. www.bizingah.com

ABOUT gang&lani productions inc
Established in 2009, gang&lani productions inc is a global custom marketing services company with headquarters in Toronto, ON and presence in North America, Asia and Europe.  Our motto? Ask Us for Anything... Almost! www.gangandlaniproductions.com

ABOUT Infinitech Studios Inc
Infinitech Studios Inc. is a Toronto based web solutions company that focuses on offering web related development, consulting, and maintenance solutions to Canadian businesses. Armed with a strong team of highly qualified web professionals, Infinitech Studios Inc helps companies leverage the full power of the web, and the numerous opportunities it offers. www.infinitech-studios.com