Are you a business owner or someone who's created a website to help gain recognition, or sell your products or services? Have you sat by the computer waiting for orders to stream in, but your website's like a veritable ghost town with lonely tumbleweeds rolling by? Teena Hughes has a solution for you - you can start helping your website today by following a series of free videos from Teena Hughes http://BizMarketinginaBox.com/7.html  - When you sign up, you'll also be notified of upcoming seminars, webinars, podcasts and training. Teena loves to help people improve their websites and business online, with easy bite-sized pieces of information in her video tutorial series, the "7x7x7 Formula" for Marketing - as well as one-on-one Mentoring (coaching).

Teena Hughes, 
Brand & Marketing Strategist 


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